Why Work with David.

David Constantine

"Working with David feels safe and liberating."

"Sessions are challenging, energising and fun."

"His gentle, empathetic, inquisitive manner, engenders a confidence,"

"David encourages an honest self-reflection, which informs and inspires change."

"Coaching with David is the 'freeing solution'."


Jelena Cvjetkovic

International Residential Network Director

Global Real Estate

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from business coaching and sessions occasionally took the shape of something more akin to therapy, let’s call it ‘business therapy’.

The time coincided with a major upheaval in my working life. The sessions enabled me to see myself differently and re-frame who I am at work and what value I bring to the business. Re-framing the ‘impostor syndrome’ has also been a very interesting insight; I am now able to see this as a tool, a resource to tap into rather than an obstacle.


Tim Gosling


Gosling Design Ltd

David has a remarkable way of bringing your own ideas and life thoughts to the forefront of your mind, weaving them into a coherent strategy with you and reflecting them back.

He doesn’t pull his punches, he has no other agenda except to help you. It is incredible refreshing to have clarity and understanding of your choices and to map a course for action.


Ian McMath


Helios Laine Ltd

I’ve worked with David for over 15 years after understanding that it was possible to build a cultural strategy, which included measurable key performance indicators alongside a business strategy.

David not only shared the methodology, but was alongside the team coaching and supporting them as their skills developed. His work with us created a sea change in the business, creating a fully aligned board, a focused and engaged workforce and double digit EBITDA growth.


Hugh Roche

Managing Director

Atlantis AV Solutions Ltd

A friend introduced me to David as I had mentioned that I was at an impasse in the development of my company.

Covid had been draining and I had become “ stuck” with producing a clear way forward to reinvigorate the company and develop systems to match people’s skills and responsibilities, including mine.

I had become bogged down with day to day issues, rather than developing the business. He has been a fantastic business coach and we are now well on the way to making the necessary changes.

Profitability is up, my workforce is happier now that their roles have been clearly defined and I am a lot happier with my role.

I could not recommend more highly using David’s common sense and experience to change your business.


Patrick Harwood

Former CEO

Watson Burton LLP

David is remarkable at what he does. He fundamentally changed my relationship with myself and with my colleagues.

He never loses sight of the agreed goals and his planning and execution skills deliver on target for the vision and strategic plans. Often, I had no idea where a conversation was going but I soon learned to ‘trust the process’. Along with his amazing advice and tools I began to shift from my traditional approach to management and embark on a journey of ‘living the dream’. David unquestionably encouraged me to be a more empathetic and effective leader.

David creates positive and productive coaching environments, safe from judgement and destructive egos, momentarily separating clients from the chaos and being overwhelmed by day to day concerns.

David gave me permission to pause, to step back and reflect and see an honest picture of where I and the firm were.

He always sought to legitimise my existing skills. He taught me to identify the core issues that underpinned problems and to find sustainable solutions that avoided the short-lived, but tempting, quick fixes.

David strongly encourages and supports open communication, empowering the less vocal to have a voice. He encourages participants to acknowledge their unspoken agendas and to seek genuine alignment thereby giving real meaning to discussions about fundamental themes such as the entity’s Vision and Values.


Jane Buxey


Stone Federation

I have worked with David in the past and he has helped me to refocus our organisation and to set targets and objectives.

This was achieved by highlighting and tackling head on both the strengths and weaknesses that are found in all organisations, which sometimes benefits from an outsiders perspective and wisdom. David has the ability to tackle obstacles and build on strengths due to his very varied and broad experience.


Bal Basra

Head of European Market Development

Aetna Global Benefits

David and I began working together in 2010 and to this day he is the best Business Coach I have come across in my 20 year career.

He was instrumental in helping shape my career to where it is today and I will forever be thankful for that.

David has a unique way of getting the best out of a person and getting them to approach tasks in a holistic way.